War Rules


War search starts 9:00pm EST or thereabouts.  Everyone is free to opt in or out of war as they see fit in either clan.  There are no required wars.  However, you still are expected to meet the general membership requirements of the clan.

It is important to note though old headz is a war centered clan system.  While you do not have to war in any particular war, it is expected that you will let other Co’s know of planned absences.

You are, in all cases, expected to keep your war preference status up to date.  This will prevent you from being put into a war in which you did not wish to participate.  In other words, “Red” status is always honored at old headz.

If we have to sit anyone out to start a war, players will be removed from the war roster at the Co-leader’s discretion.  All players on suspension will be removed from the war roster.  The Co will typically look to remove low trophy players, but exceptions will be made to ensure that the team has enough strong attackers to ensure a strong showing in war. Co’s will do their best to try to not leave anyone out of 2 consecutive wars so long as they have acceptable war troops and heroes.

When filling war defense castles, we only fill with what is requested and ONLY MAX troops.  We want our best troops to protect our war bases.

We operate on an equal-2 rule.  What this means is if you are ranked number 17 in our lineup your first attack should be on any of the bases between 17-19.  Exceptions can be made for favorable exploits after reviewing with a CO.  By default, you should plan to attack -2.  In the above example, 17 would attack 19. 

It is very important to communicate your intended target.

Do not attack outside of your ability it is needed for you to get at least 2 stars with your first attack. By attacking within the assigned range, you should be able to find a base within your ability for a 3 star unless the war match was egregious.

Your 2nd attack is to be used to 3 star an already attacked base, typically lower on the map than you.  At old headz, war is not about loot. 

Always bring your best war troops to battle.  Under no circumstances do we ever go for loot.  We only go to war to obtain stars regardless of the score.  The only people who can authorize otherwise are THEBIGBANG, CAPT MADMARK, Greg, Blitzkrieg and FloppyGobbler.  Please let a CO. know you have read the rules by repeating, “strange brew”.  If everyone works as a team we will be successful!

  1. The bottom 3rd of our team on the war map needs to attack ASAP!  You should have both attacks finished with 12 hours left on the war clock.  This allows the higher ranked villages to get an idea of where if any cleanup on bottom 3rd is needed.
  2. If you are in the middle 3rd of our team, you should have at least one attack in by the 10 hour mark (14 hours into battle day) and both attacks in by the 3 hour mark (21 hours into battle day).
  3. We get our attacks in early for multiple reasons. It throws our enemy off and it helps us strategically plan for the higher bases.

Communication is of the utmost importance.  Don’t be afraid to ask about strategy.  We generally like talking turkey on this subject.

What’s expected of every Old Headz member

We at all times respect everyone in the clan as well as any visitor we may have.  This includes any visitors from the clan we just dominated in war (unless they tried to send a spy).

We work as a team always.  Communication is of the greatest importance.  If we work as a team we succeed as a team and we all reap the rewards from it.  More so than if we acted as individuals.  There is no favoritism here, remain active, obtain solid stars, and have a fun time doing it.

You should attain a Max War Army ASAP at a new Town Hall! Building new defense does not help your defensive ability all that much in general, so it is advised to do this in a low weight to high weight priority. Ask a Co if you need help understanding this.

Aim to have more than one Max Army comp. (variety allows your range of attack to widen to multiple attack styles).  You should practice your preferred War Army as much as possible, because knowing a single attack inside and out prevents unexpected outcomes in an attack during wars.

It is also ideal for yourself to KNOW that you can guarantee a 2 star outcome on nearly any base while still having an expectation for 3 stars.

Super War

Once in a while, old headz will pull everyone together for a massive Super War!  You do not have to participate in these wars either, but it is encouraged to work your hero upgrades around this schedule so that you can participate if you are not on vacation.  Super War search will be determined by the Co’s and a clan mail will be sent with specifics.