Upgrade Guides

General Information about Upgrading and the X.5 upgrade path

You are faced with a pretty important early decision at new town hall: Do I go the “X.5” route or go the more traditional route of building xbows and other defenses as well? There’s not an exact correct answer, but at old headz, we recommend the X.5 route for a couple of reasons.

  1. We are a war focused clan.  War weight starts to matter at TH9.  Building xbows at that level will significantly increase your war weight, and yet early in TH9, you don’t have a lot of extra firepower to make up for having more difficult war matchups.
  2. You can focus on collecting elixir and dark elixir.
  3. You can easily cleanup TH8 or, eventually, attack higher with a legitimate TH9 attack.
  4. Walls and heroes are far and away the biggest resources and time wastes in the game, and it comes in full frontal view at Town hall 9.  X.5 prioritizes those items by having you “dump” one resource into walls nearly at all times.  You will need about 1,000,000,000 (yes, a full billion) of gold and elixir to fully max your walls, and a fully maxed Level 30 Archer Queen takes 155 days of just time under the hammer of upgrades, let alone collecting the necessary dark elixir.  Start these things right away!

We’re not going to cite and specific war weights or calculators.  Just know that our expereience at old headz is that it makes it easier during war for you to not be matched up with an equal who has xbows or infernos and all the new other new town hall buildings.