Membership and Requirements

General Rules for Clan Membership

It is not especially difficult to maintain your membership at old headz.  There are 2 paths you can take to guarantee you keep your clan membership:

Option 1: Participate in war a minimum of once per month.
Option 2: Donate 3,000 troops per season.

You may request as often as you like.  Members who have not been in the clan for a minimum of 1 full clashy season will be asked to maintain a ratio no worse that 1:2.

Understand that we strongly prefer war participants.  You don’t have to be an expert 3 star attacker; just a good guy who is not an outright tool at attacking.  We sometimes partner up with another clan to do a “Super War”.  Low activity, non war players might be removed from the roster to make room for more war participants.  We have done 40 vs 40 wars in the past.

Troop Donations

The default donation troops are archers and wizards.  It is expected you will honor the troop requests of clan mates as to their level and type.  If you are unsure if you can donate a “max” troop of a given type, feel free to ask.  War requests especially are vital that requests be properly honored.

Outside of war, clan members are expected to not request only “max” troops so as to allow all members the chance to donate.  Also, be mindful that the clan composition is largely Town Hall 9 with a mix of Town Hall 10 and 11.  Outside of war, please try to request troops that a Town Hall 9 could donate, unless you are working on a new war strategy and communicate that message to the clan.  Bowlers and Miners will be donated when someone is using them, but otherwise those requests might not get filled straightaway.

Joining Requirements at Old Headz

To join old headz, you must meet following requirements.  This varies by town hall.

Town hall 8town_hall8

  • Level 3 Dragons
  • Level 5 Barb King
  • All 3 air defenses at Level 5 or better.
  • A willingness to learn and research Hog Riders

Town hall 9town_hall9

Without xbows (8.5):

  • Level 10 Barb King
  • Level 2 Golems
  • At least 50% Level 8 or higher walls . No walls below Level 7.

With 1 or more xbows built or under construction:

  • Combined hero levels: 25
  • Level 6 Balloons
  • Level 4 Valkyries OR Level 5 Hog Riders
  • At least 75% Level 8 or higher walls . No walls below Level 7.

Town hall 10town_hall10

Without inferno towers (9.5):

  • Combined hero levels: 40
  • Max level war troops for a TH9.
  • Walls: 50% or more must be Level 9 (lego).  No walls below Level 8.

With 1 or more inferno towers built or under construction:

  • Combined hero levels: 50
  • One of the following: L5 Valkyries, L2 Bowlers, L5 Dragons
  • All other war troops must be TH9 max.
  • Walls: 50% or more must be Level 9 (lego).  No walls below Level 8.

Town hall 11town_hall11

Without an eagle artillery (10.5):

  • Combined Hero level (all 3 heroes): 60
  • Level 5 Golems or Level 3 Lava Hounds
  • Must have at least 1 “max” war troop available, such as valkyries, witches, bowlers, or balloons.
  • Walls: 50% or more must be Level 10. No walls below Level 9 except for new TH11 walls.

With an eagle artillery built or under construction:

  • Combined Hero Level (all 3 heroes): 70
  • Level 6 Golems or Level 4 Lava Hounds
  • Must have at least 2 “max” war troops available, such valkyries, witches, bowlers, or balloons.
  • No walls below Level 9.

Be cool, have fun, respect all, be a team player, and have a sick obsession with war!

The Co Headz Group

It is the job of this group to be the heart of the clan.  Any member of the clan is more than welcome to bring up and discuss any topic.  Ultimately that topic is brought before CO., is discussed, and then resolved.  The direction and future of the clan lies with multiple mature, loyal, hardcore clashers.  If one of us is to become inactive then there will be a separate CO. discussion about this topic.  If it is found that a demotion or termination in the clan is needed we will replace that seat with the next elder CO feels deserves it.  Nothing we do is personal.  You are the owner of your own fate here and any decision made by CO is for the good of the clan.