Welcome to old headz!

Formed on June 2014 by a group of CoC Addicts!  We are a drama free, mature group of clashers that have united together from all over the world.  Respect and communication are a couple of our firm beliefs.  We are always looking for solid attackers! old-headz-rocks

old headz (#2VVQVLCV) is our  clan!  It is for fairly active clashers, no rush bases.  You are free to opt in or out of war as much as you like, but just know we are a war clan and may not keep you around if you don’t help with the war effort in some way.

You need to read the War Rules page and to be sure you understand what old headz is based upon.  This will let you know what to expect when we go into battle.

We welcome clashers from all over the globe.  Most of our current members are from the United States, but we have some from England, the Philippines, Australia, and Canada.  The chat is English Only.  While some of our Co’s understand other languages, everyone in the clan is required to use English.


We like beer and Clash!

We expect that you will have a good time.  Many of us are working hard to learn the latest TH8, TH9, and even TH10 3 star strategies, and we hope you will join us in our exciting journey.  It’s a great clan system with lots of good, mature members.  We hope you’ll join us!

Feel free to join us on Kik as well.  Talk to a Co in the clan chat for details.